Wednesday, June 23, 2010

father's day funk

Not a funky dance, wish that were true. It was just the gloomiest, rainiest day ever. I tried to make it a nice day for Eric and think I succeeded until after dinner and then just couldn't handle the weather and darkness anymore and was in a pretty bad mood. Sorry Eric! I did make yummy homemade nutter butters though.

I heard later that Father's Day around here was the darkest day in June. Now, when I'm expecting sunshine and warmth, I feel seasonal affective disorder creep in on the rainy, cloudy days. Luckily the kids don't seem to mind. They don't know any better and sweat buckets when the temperature rises above 68 outside.


Kim said...

I love the name you have for your blog. It's perfect for you.

That Sunday was dark and I was hoping it was going to thunder, but unfortunately, it never did. Everywhere else gets thunder, but we don't. Maybe if I pray hard enough, we will get some.

Those nutter butters look yummy. I bet they were a big hit with your family.

My family didn't celebrate Father's Day on that Sunday because my parents were out of town, while I was at the Marigers. We will be celebrating it this Sunday.

Lark said...

Sorry the weather was lame! Those nutter butters do look yummy though...