Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Dead Fish

One of Cannon's fish went to the big bowl in the sky last week. It spent half the week gimping around the bottom of the bowl on one side. Cannon wailed about it when I told him his fish was dying but then Eric had a talk with him and told him that he'll be happier in fish heaven where he won't be in pain anymore. That was enough to satisfy Cannon so that when the time came and that dead fish eye was staring up at us from the bottom of the bowl (it didn't float to the top like we thought it would) it wasn't a big deal to flush "Billy" down the toilet.

We bought fish last year during spring break. I never expected them to live this long. The other three are still swimming.


Kathi said...

Well first let me say that is the cleanest, most perfect toilet bowl I have seen in a long time. That is a toilet bowl isn't it? So perfectly white, I almost can't tell. So you joined the Krebs family with flushing pets this month. So glad your little man didn't take it too too badly.
P.s. I wish we could just flush our fish, Sydney makes us bury them. Ick.

Kim said...

I have to agree too, that toilet is so nice and clean. You must have cleaned it before you put the fish down in. I have decided, (after housesitting for people), that I don't want a house pet. They are filthy, smelly, and are a pain to clean up after. That's why if I ever get a pet, it's going outside. I'm glad he was fine with the fish's death.

Lynne said...

That's classic, Paige! Every family has to have a flush-the-fish experience! Nice toilet! :)

Paige said...

The toilet is new since the remodel so it cleans really easily and looks white more often than dirty somehow.

House pets would be hard to clean up after, Kim. Cannon gets a dog soon but I'm not sure I can have it inside as often as he'll want it inside. Around here, without a garage, it seems like it would have to be an indoor dog.

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