Friday, May 07, 2010

Recital (videos for the grandparents)

The kids all did well at their recital. Apologies for the amateur video coverage of the event. Laine was the first one to perform. The boys were so relieved it was over. I remember that nervous feeling, waiting for my turn to perform...


video video




shanonsmiles said...

I am so proud of Ridge, Cannon, and Laine. I had no idea that you were all so good at playing the piano. Keep working hard, you will never regret playing the piano. And incredible as it may seem, the only thing you will regret is the day you quit taking piano lessons.

Lynne said...

Paige, any idea why your videos are not available for me. It just tells me to try again later. Can you send them another way? I'm anxious to see them all!

Kathi said...

Ridge Cannon and Laine, how wonderful to watch your recital! My daughter Sydney and I enjoyed all of your songs. Sydney is new to lessons, she just had her 6th lesson right now and she was so impressed with each of you! Keep up the great work! SUPER JOB! :)

Anonymous said...

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