Wednesday, May 19, 2010

making them take a walk

We got out of the house on Saturday afternoon to give Eric some more quiet time in hopes he'd get better faster. I made the kids first take a walk with me before we played at the park. Right after we got out of the car Laine tripped and ended up with a bleeding knee. We were driving Eric's car and I didn't have my first aid kit. She calmed down eventually and we set off. Much complaining from the boys ensued, from Ridge about the choice of park and from Cannon about the walk. I gave Ridge the camera at first and he left it in his pocket, too mad to find anything to photograph. Cannon took control next and that made the walk happier for him. Then Laine took over again. Of course everyone was happy by the end of the afternoon when we walked across the road to 31 Flavors. Eric still wasn't better though and had to stay home sick from church the next day.


Kathy said...

Which park has a BR across the street? And how did I not know about this before? :)

Shannon said...

I hope Eric is feeling better; it is always bad when you have to miss out on B&R! :) great pics, btw.