Monday, April 12, 2010

Super 8!

The kids will tell you that the best part about our trip to Canada was the hotel's pool. They went swimming 4 times. So did Eric. I only went twice -- it was cold! There was a jacuzzi too and I spent a lot of time in there.

Eric played in the water with everyone, what a great dad. On our last day he finally bribed Cannon enough to try the water slide, which of course he loved once he'd tried it.

Ridge went on the slide at least 100 times.

Sommer had fun in the pool but mostly liked to join me in the warm water.

Eric took Laine on the slide several times before she was brave enough to go on her own.
There were a ton of other LDS church members at our hotel, it was like a ward pool party. All these dads taking their kids on the slide and then trying to outsplash each other when they went by themselves. And moms wearing modest swimsuits, holding babies. Good times.


Shannon said...

Kurt was always a good sport about swimming, too. Probably because I am a total wimp about getting in cold water... or putting my swimsuit on in public, haha.

kelly said...

your pool was better than ours!!
our water wasn't warm and the hot tub was closed for repairs!
but we did have lots of lds families playing in it friday night. :)