Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring blah

Spring is not my best time of year. My face looks quite awful by the time April rolls around. I haven't seen enough sun to even out my skin which had taken to turning quite red over the past few years. This year my derm prescription cream is too drying so I should visit again... or invest in more expensive products from wonderful places like Sephora or Clinique. But it's spring break right now. I don't think the kids would be good company at the mall. I know they wouldn't be good company.

And the hair. My girls both commented on it this morning. Sommer asked, "what's wrong with your hair?" because part of it was hanging in my face and lately it has been pinned back most of the time. And Laine said, "you hair looks poofy today." Something needs to be done.

I really need some people.
ps -- picture taken at the Peace Arch at the Canadian/Washington border. Lots of traffic on the way back into the US so we got out to run crazy for a while.


Shannon said...

I need "people" too. A personal trainer would be good... and definitely someone who could offer advice on the hair.

For the record, Paige, you've looked fabulous every time I have seen you!

Ingrid said...

You crack me up. When you find the right people, can you send them my way? And when are YOU coming my way???

Kathy said...

Cannot say that I would ever describe your skin as uneven or your hair as poofy or wrong...so, you must be "people" yourself. I always think you look great! :)

Lynne said...

I've found that we're blessed with daughters to keep us humble and on the right track, Paige--for a very long time, too! and I love you and yours!

Lark said...

I'm laughing at the girls comments about your hair. Wouldn't it be so fun to do a sister's makeover right now? We already need another sisters weekend.

Jaime said...

Hi Paige! I'm just visiting your blog, it's been a while. Man, your kids have sure grown. Sommer is such a big girl now. So crazy how time flies by so quickly.

If you want an awesome hair stylist call my friend Chris at 206-992-4964 she is located in Lynnwood by the Convention Center. Sometimes us moms neglect ourselves for way too long, so spoil yourself a little & give her a call. :)