Saturday, April 24, 2010

missing the Ragnar?

Last year at this time I our team was finishing up the 24-hour Ragnar Relay. I'm half sad half glad that I missed it this year. The camaraderie and the laughs are the best parts. I'm sad I missed out on running with siblings, a sister-in-law and their crazy friends. I also wish I was in the same running shape. I did think about that often these past few months on the rainy cold mornings, how last year I would go out running anyway and this year I stayed in bed. I do like fair weather for runs. And friends. Running alone isn't very fun although "Wait...wait don't tell me" gets me smiling as I plod along. And plodding is what I'm doing these days. I think I need to take some vitamins.


Shannon said...

I'd bet your plodding would leave me in the dust!

Jane said...

I just signed up for the utah ragnar. It will be my first. I'm excited. It's a long 24 hours, but I hear good things. Where was your ragnar?

kent said...

You were missed. It was a lot of fun, as always. But, I'm also completely exhausted.