Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday morning

It is 8:45am and I'm still sitting in bed, not getting up until someone makes me. How lovely is that? Not going to last much longer so I'm relishing in laziness on this last day of spring break. The boys are happily playing Wii. The girls came in and asked for food but then promptly dumped the bucket of Polly Pockets on the floor and are playing, separately.

I came across The Brokers with Hands on their Faces blog. I know I should feel sorry for some of them, right? They're going through a lot of stress, but I actually laughed.

And now Sommer is sitting next to me saying over and over, "Now can I do my typing mommy?" and "I want my ice cream!" So I guess my morning in bed is over.

Have a great day!


mindy said...

Wow, 8:45, that's awesome! I love days that start out that way. I hope the rest of it is just as good.

Shannon said...

Really, who could resist that face? I hope the rest of the weekend is as nice as your morning. :)

Kim said...

Spring break! What a nice time. I'm now just looking forward to the end of school after what looks to be a CRAZY May. It's fun to get to know your family though your blog. Very fun.