Friday, April 16, 2010

A few things...

totally stealing this idea from Design Mom. I love her Friday posts, lists of things she's found over the week to share. And since mimicry is the best form of flattery, I'm sharing too since I'd rather blog right now that do other things that "need" to be done.

started reading this book. The characters voices are so strong that I woke up in the middle of the night with them in my head. Glad to have a good book loaned to me.

I sometimes read this blog called Have a Cute Day. I love the idea. But I do keep thinking that my friend Marie needs to start another blog and do something like this b/c she always looks fabulous, even in her grubbies, and she has great style. And she could also give pointers on products and stuff.

I like this version of the OK Go song as much as the other one I posted about.

Tonight I'm going on a date, with my husband -- in case you thought that Hugh asked me out. We're eating Indian food and going to see Date Night.

How can LOST be over in a few more episodes? There's still so much to explain! I am glad that they brought Desmond back to the island. I wish I could go around saying, "hey brother" to people the way he does.

And lastly, I can't get my hotmail to work. If you have tried to correspond with me and I haven't replied it isn't b/c I don't love you. You should use FB or italynw[at]

Have a cute weekend. I will since my sister sent me a box of clothes that didn't work for her that she got at a clothing exchange. Which reminds me, I now have 2 shirts from BR in size M that are great but don't work for me. Want them?


Kim said...

Do you ever come up with different voices for each character in your mind? That's what I do when I read books. I like the cover of that book, the colors are pretty.

I hope you like it. My brother wanted to go see "Date Night" with a bunch of friends, but my dad checked it out online, and it's suppose to be really crued. My brother didn't end up going to see the movie.

My family use to be into "Lost", but then life got busy and we missed some episodes. We can't watch the new ones because it wouldn't make sense, without watching the ones we missed.

Lark said...

What a great post Paige. You have a way with words...

The Help has been on my to-read list for awhile. CAn't wait to hear about it.

Glad you like the clothes.

I'm going to be sad when Lost is done - its been a fun journey.

Have fun on your date!

Shannon said...

I keep hearing great things about The Help - I will have to track it down.

And lucky you, to have a sister who sends you clothes!

I also really want to know what the "cute" girl's husband does for a living... because, if I had a sweater and t-shirt from Anthropologie, I would not be wearing them to clean my house. ;)

Janetta said...

Great idea to post clothing exchange items on your blog ... I'll be doing that soon!

-::bee::- said...

I think Desmond's episode was the best one of the season! Once it's over I don't know what I'll do with my Tuesday nights.