Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blunder and bright spots

Yesterday I let the gray skies and rain get to me. The morning felt yuck. After lunch we went to storage and Laine traded toys. Then we headed to JoAnn's for project material. Ridge chose fabric for a pillowcase to match one of his favorite shirts that I have banned him from wearing since it looks so ratty. He helped sew a bit of it and is happy that he can now keep his shirt forever.

The girls chose a pack of quilt blocks and I made a couple of outfits for some Groovy Girls that we found at the thrift store for just .50 each. This took much longer than I expected and as I was sewing I felt sorry for the ladies in China who have to sit and make tiny doll clothes all day long. As you can see, I am not headed for Project Runway.

This morning Ridge kept Sommer occupied for quite a while constructing a fort for her. As it happens with projects like this, the fun is in the building. Several hours later it is still taking up most of his room but hasn't been played in since.

Today we had a fun plan to head to Jump Planet, one of those warehouses filled with inflatable bounce toys. Fun for all. I misread the calendar though and the open jump time wasn't happening today. It isn't close by our house either, about 30 minutes away. The girls wailed, Cannon sulked and Ridge stomped back to the car. I deflated. Such good intentions. So we headed to Target and I bought their happiness back with new toys. Mother of the year, yet again.


Megan Oliphant said...

Oh, Paige, I am so with you on that. Somedays you just wonder, huh? Makes me think I didn't appreciate my own mother enough. Good thing Mother's Day is coming up!

Shannon said...

Paige, you ARE mother of the year! You hand-made items for your kids (even letting one help in the process), let them "mess up" a room, drove half an hour seeking entertainment (instead of relying on the tv) and went to Target with four kids! You are WONDER WOMAN!!!!

Sally said...

I second Shannon's comment. And just so you know, I took the kids outside and played with them for an hour the other night. After we came in, they were acting like I had just made them do an hour of housework. "Such good intentions" was my thought then, too!