Monday, March 08, 2010

New 'do for Eric's head

Eric had to get a haircut. It was part of the deal he made with his buddies -- he didn't meet his weightloss/workout goal for the month. So the uber-cool group leader, whose hair is already this short so I'm not sure what he had to do if he lost -- shaved Eric's head. (I'm not sure if I was supposed to share that with the world or not, but since Eric sent me the pictures I'm telling the story.) Eric is actually glad not to have hair to comb in the morning. Sommer looked at her dad up front yesterday at church and said, "There's daddy, with his funny hair." She's still getting used to this new look.


Shannon said...

I'm getting a chuckle out of the faux-hawk! All the Toolson fellas like it when their hair is super short because they don't have to comb it after showering. :)

Sara said...

I like the faux-hawk, too!