Tuesday, March 30, 2010

California (too short) weekend

I spent the past weekend in California enjoying time with my mom and sisters. We went to FIDM in LA and saw the exhibit "Hollywood 2010: The Art of Motion Picture Costume Design." Costumes worn by actors in movies over the past year. Favorites were gowns from The Young Victoria (fabulous movie, highly recommend), suits from Sherlock Holmes, wild things from Where the Wild Things Are. And it was a beautiful day to be in LA.

After outlet mall shopping we met Friday night for birthday dinner for my dad and sister at Cheesecake Factory. Dad's treat of course, even though he was part of the reason for celebrating. It is always a treat to be around for birthdays. We stayed up late to watch New Moon together. Dad actually stayed up for that too, didn't want to be excluded from all the fun. We also watched some of this film that Lindsey got for her birthday. She knows the cinematographer who also has a couple of bit parts.

My mom took the girls into the garment district of LA and we went to a huge fabric store to choose fabric for pillowcases. I have so much more respect for the Project Runway designers now. Their 30 minutes in Mood Fabrics to choose material for their challenges is so little time. We were in the store for a couple of hours I think and it took us 30 minutes before we even started pulling fabric off the shelves. We brought our fabric home and made pillowcases. It was so fun to complete a project. The weekend went by way too fast. Thanks for planning such a fun schedule Mom. Can't wait till the next sisters weekend.
(Don't my beautiful sisters-in-law look like they could be my real sisters? Kindof, right?)


Tricia said...

How fun! What a neat thing for all the girls to do. I'm so jealous you got to see the Young Victoria costumes up close. They were amazing!

Shannon said...

That sounds like an AMAZING weekend! I have to admit, I am a bit jealous. :) (Not only of your fun time - you guys are all absolutely gorgeous!)

shanonsmiles said...

You pillowcases look great with your bedding. I hope I get to see everyones. What a fun day, I'm just sorry that it was over so soon.

kelly said...

sounds like SO much fun!
you deserve it paige!
and you ARE all gorgeous!

Kathi said...

So I must say that I am so impressed with your mom. She is an amazing mom to organize this trip. She sees how important it is for all the gals in the family to have strong unity and love for each other. I love it! So glad Paige that you enjoyed the California sunshine this weekend and that you were able to strengthen the bonds you have with your family. Bravo!
Also, can't get over Lark! In my minds eye she is still your cutsy little sister, a smarty gal with her too big back pack. Now she is all grown up! It kills me.
You all really do look lovely!

Sara said...

What a fun trip! That shopping place for fabric sounds excellent! Some day we'll have to take my mom--she'd go crazy! And yes, you all do look a lot a like. Beautiful!

Kim said...

Wow, a trip right up your alley. I think I need to plan a sister's weekend! Love your blog. You and your family look so beautiful!

ME said...

Can you teach me???!?!