Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Time for mid-winter break. What? Your school district doesn't take a week off of school mid-February? I'll be back to the blog in a couple of weeks. Wishing you a happy mid-winter.


Shannon said...

We only had Monday off, but we snuck over to Seattle after church on Sunday and let the kids play hookie on Tuesday for a mini-vacation. Have a fun week! :)

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

Did you find out how to fix the problem with loading pictures to your blog? I'm now getting an error message every time I try. What did you do to get it working again? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I am another blogger. You may not have noticed this yet – many people haven’t – but you are now being restricted on how many pages you may show on your home page due to a new “auto pagination” restriction that Blogger has introduced. This is wrecking many people’s blogs, ones that by their nature, need to show lots of posts on the main page. If this bothers you, please consider entering a complaint at this help forum. Unless a lot of people respond, they won’t fix it. Thanks.


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