Wednesday, January 06, 2010

rugby stripes

I walked out of my closet wearing this number the other morning. The boys were lounging in my room, waiting for me to tell them what to do, they seemed to have forgotten since it was our first day back to the routine after vacation.

Anyway, I walked out and one of them said
And the other one said,
"Where'd you get that?"
And before I could reply one said,
And the other one agreed.

I replied that it was my new shirt and that I liked it. And then I put a sweatshirt on and wore it over the shirt the rest of the day.

Actually, I wear a sweater or sweatshirt everyday, all day, so I would have put one on with or without the comment. I spent my Gap giftcard that Eric put in my stocking at the sale last week. I got 3 long-sleeve tees (stripes, royal blue and light gray), a pretty navy t-shirt with a flower thingy on it, and a sweater. (All for only $1 over my $50 gift card! Had to brag about the deal.)

When I tried on this particular shirt I heard the girl in the dressing room next to me say, "No way. I look like a high school boy rugby player in this."

From the looks of the store I think a lot of ladies echoed that sentiment. As for me, though I did feel somewhat juvenile in red and navy stripes, I was too excited about the prospect of $7 shirts, so brand new and soft, that I bought it anyway.
See you on the field.


Kaahl said...

ha! poor kids being mean to their mother.

Shannon said...

Paige - you look amazing! I love stripey shirts because they are cheerful and sporty. If everyone who tried that shirt on looked as cute as you do in it, they'd have sold out! And I am SO impressed with your bargains; I want to go to the Gap!

Satoko said...

Ummm... I am jealous of your waist line!!! After 4 kids?! Seriously?

Lark said...

You are rockin that outfit with the skinny jeans and boots! You look awesome...sorry you had to put a sweatshirt over it.

Love your gap deal.

mindy said...

you know i will be rushing out to get me one just like it. you are my fashion icon. you look totally cool.

Kathi said...

Silly kids, you rocked it Paige. Same figure as high school? After 4kids? Jealous! You definitely should feel great wearing it and feel awesome for your steal of a deal at the Gap! :)

Kathy said...

I'm with everyone look fantastic in that outfit! And you certainly don't look like a high school boy rugby player. Don't you love boys' comments? Liam periodically comments on my "silly belly" whenever I am bent in a way where I have an extra roll over the top of my pants. Thanks, son...that makes me feel really special. :)

Paige said...

Kids keep it real, don't they?
Thanks for the love friends.

Sally said...

Ummm....echoing the I want to look like that after 4 kids, let alone 2! You can totally pull it off and I love the look. You got it - flaunt it! Great shopping, by the way. I love good deals, but you practically stole those shirts for $51.

-::bee::- said...

I know - Gap has been having some amazing sales lately!

And you look super hot Paige, fo sho.

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

Okay you're one person that can get away with wearing the skinny jean look. Congrats on the bargain hunting!

kelly said...

smokin' girl!
you were made for that shirt!
just wait till you have teenagers who laugh when they see what you're wearing.

Kristine said...

your boys are funny.

love the stripes. you are always!