Friday, January 08, 2010

blog help

So I can't upload photos right now. When I try it says "done" at the bottom of that pop -up box but the box is empty and that little "done" button is missing as well. And also, lately, when I upload photos the html code shows in my posting box instead of the photos. The photos come out on the blog after I hit post.

Have you had this issue? Did I change a setting without knowing it?

I had a picture of Sommer to post. I guess it will have to wait.


nanamoo said...

Hey Paige,
Download Windows LiveWriter and then you don't have to use blogger and you can just drag and drop your pictures from the desktop or wherever into your blog. I love it. (It doesn't work for a Mac though.)

Paige said...

No Mac here. Thanks so much! I'll try it out.

Shannon said...

Yikes - I haven't encountered this - how frustrating! I hope the LiveWriter advice works, because I will miss your cute pictures! :)

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

I haven't seen this either. bummer.

Marc said...

Hi Paige,
Sounds like a browser issue. Try using Firefox, if you are using Internet Explorer, or vice versa. Could be a Windows issue, so try doing it from the other computer to narrow it down.
Fly me up and I'll fix it at no charge to you! ;)

Paige said...

I wish we could fly you and your cute wife and kids up Marc! Superbowl weekend sound good?