Monday, January 25, 2010

beach day

On MLKJr. day we went to the beach. It wasn't supposed to be wonderful weather, it was raining when we got in the car, but after an hour it was sunny and probably in the mid-50s so the kids all thought it was a great idea to get soaked through.

My trip was inspired by re-watching last year's Sense and Sensibility by Masterpiece Classic. I love the seashell chains they use in the set design and really want to make some for our house, though I wasn't very successful in finding many shells for that project. And I was also inspired by when Maryanne says, "is there any felicity in the world superior to this?" to Margaret when she has dragged her out on a walk to avoid seeing Colonel Brandon. I felt like I was dragging my kids in the same way, Ridge was complaining that it was going to be freezing and I loaded everyone in the car anyway. But everyone loved the three hours we spent at Carkeek Park. And what a lucky train day -- we saw 5!


mindy said...

all I have to say is you are the best mom ever!!!

Shannon said...

Oh, I miss the beach! And I love Sense and Sensibility. You are a kindred spirit.

kelly said...

i love sense & sensibility!!
haven't seen that version yet.