Thursday, January 28, 2010

5-year-old Princess

Laine turned 5! We had a "Winter SnowFairyPrincess Party." Her friends were invited to come in their princess best. We gave Laine a new dress for the occasion. The girls danced and sang along with a Barbie dvd, played the Princess and the Pea with pillows and beads, sifted for beads in a treasure box full of rice and beads and then strung the beads to make necklaces. But the highlight was decorating their cakes. Laine was so excited to have a princess cake. I let her pick out the Barbie, she chose a ballerina Ariel, and then it was a surprise on her birthday of how it looked. Then I made little cakes for her friends and used Polly Pockets for the dolls. We had little tubes of frosting gel in lots of colors and lots of pretty sprinkles to choose from. Then of course they got to dig in and eat their creations. It was a delightful way to celebrate Laine's birthday. And then she started piano lessons that evening. She's a special girl.


nellziebub said...

Paige, what an adorable idea! I'm going to have to steal it someday when I have a little girl. I love everything about the birthday party; the cake(s), games, theme, etc. The candles kind of make it look like Ariel's dress is on fire, but she doesn't even looked phased. Oh, to be plastic. Love it!

mindy said...

so fun! the cakes are so cute, great job. bella and ayva would love it if i could make them some cakes like that. how did you make them?
happy birthday to laine. she is beautiful.

Lynne said...

Happy Birthday Laine-y! Grandma loves you!

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

I can't imagine my Sadie being 5-yrs-old. I've been wondering what I should do for her 1st birthday that's in 2 months. The doll cakes are fantastic—nice job!

Torrie said...

shilo had such fun! and you are so creative!
she is one lucky girl to have had such a wonderful afternoon filled with great friends and fun things to do!
happy 5th!

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday, Laine! What a fun party; I love that you let each of the girls decorate their own doll-cake-dress. I want to do that! :)

Kathy said...

What a fun party! And the little cakes with the Polly Pockets is genius!

Lark said...

Happy Birthday Laine! Afton loved looking at these pictures - the party looked so fun. What a special day!

Bentley said...

You're such a good mother! Really, so creative.

Lauren said...

What a perfect party for such a sweet girl. I can only imagine what the boys thought of the party...

You are so creative!

kelly said...

so sweet!!
i did that for cami's birthday years ago!
(and that's one of the reasons i don't do big parties anymore)

Sally said...

Wow - you are an AWESOME mom! Thank goodness we have blogs, so Laine can see how nice her mom is when she's older! The cakes are adorable and the party idea sounds really fun. I may have to bookmark it for later!

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