Friday, December 04, 2009

Raingutter regatta

I'm not sure why the cub scout raingutter regatta is held in the late fall when the weather has turned freezing since they do it outside and we all stand around for an hour getting more and more frozen. Ridge learned the life lesson of winning and loosing, again. I guess that 's why they do this and the pinewood derby in cubs. The video shows him winning. I didn't get one of when he lost and then did his best to hold back the tears. Don't we all just want a winning boat? Maybe next year.



Shannon said...

Really, who doesn't want to win? And I agree with you; this activity should be held in August!

Satoko said...

I SO LOVE how he has the best cheerleader at his side the whole time. I had to laugh out loud!! She is the best little sister ever. And yey for Ridge!!