Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cannon's Christmas wish that can't come true

Cannon went with Eric to check on a leaky roof for a friend. These friends own dogs, beautifully cared for, champion dogs. Cannon was in heaven during the visit. He came home, rushed to the junk drawer to find a piece of paper and pencil and announced, "I only want one thing for Christmas," and started to write and draw a dog. It kind of broke our hearts. He told Eric on the way home that he "just wanted a dog to love." But as much as we wanted to grant this Christmas wish, we just aren't ready for a dog right now, though our furniture is old enough to be abused even further without batting an eyelash. So we explained that maybe we can move the get-a-dog-age up to 7 but this Christmas he can't get a dog. He did his best to hold back the tears and walked away but came back a few minutes later and slapped this picture on the counter for us.


Lark said...

Sad! Poor Cannon!

Shannon said...

Awwww... I am definitely in the no-dogs camp (glad that ours is happily living with my parents!) but it would be hard to say no to a boy who "just wanted a dog to love." Sniff.

kelly said...

ohhh... poor cannon.
that is so cute.