Monday, November 02, 2009


Sometimes the boys are best friends. They were examining the Bionicle encyclopedia together. This morning they were fighting over bionicles. Sometimes they are worst enemies.

And sometimes 7:15am looked really dark, especially in the rain. So the time change was a good thing, mostly. But now it sometimes feels much too dark at 5:15pm.


Kathy said...

My boys are that way too...even as toddlers. Laughing and conspiratory one moment, screaming and making each other cry the next. Don't you love the moments when they are best friends? It makes my whole day to see them like that.

Amen on the dark dinnertime. :( Something to look forward to in Spring, right?

Shannon said...

I love those "best friend" moments... not loving the dark at 5:15 so much!