Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Soccer season ends

I love this picture, the joy of running and leaping down the field.

Ridge got to play in 3 games this soccer season once his cast was off. He did his best and even played goalie each game. It stressed me out to watch him in goal but he wasn't worried. We spent one afternoon practicing dropkicks in preparation. -- he needs more practice. When he stopped the ball in the game he was still too insecure about his dropkicks to send the ball out to his team that way so he'd place it on the ground and kick it like a goal kick. Luckily these boys don't realize they can charge that ball yet and let him kick it away. Phew. His coach was great, a really positive parent (not me this year) and I think(?) he'll want to play again next year.

I can't take credit for this shot. Grady's dad took the picture. But it really captures Cannon's season. Cannon had fun first, played soccer second. He is such a good buddy to everyone, it kind of gets in his way when he's on the field. But that's Cannon. He's excited to play goalie next year.