Sunday, November 01, 2009

scary boys, pink girls

Halloween 2009

Laine dressed as her own version of Pinkalicious wearing her ballet costume from the spring. We did get her new tights. Sommer said she was going to be Goldilicious, we got the book from the library last week, but in the end she just wanted to wear her pajamas. Laine called her "pink bedtime bear."

Ridge really wanted to be something scary. I didn't want spooky, scary costumes that give me the creeps and scared his sisters. He painted this wooden skull and showed me that it didn't scare Sommer and so we made it into a mask. Cannon followed suit with the scary theme and was some kind of ninja with a painted face that was obscured by his bandana. They were disappointed that I wasn't making a huge effort on their costumes and not willing to buy costumes but I did break down and buy black hooded sweatshirts which appeased them enough.

And as usual, we now have a ridiculous amount of candy. What a great holiday.

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Shannon said...

"Boys will be boys..."