Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Where have I been?

Nowhere. Just home, nursing sick kids. The boys were home sick for most of the week. On Monday Cannon was proud to be the only healthy one in the family, Eric and I were nursing colds too, but that changed and Cannon missed the rest of the school week. I suppose with three different schools and church nursery, I shouldn't be surprised that we're a petri dish of infection around here. Sommer's stomach bug was short lived and then she spent the week cooped up with everybody. It was raining and pouring for several days and she insisted on trying out the puddles.
"I be toes," she told me. She didn't last too long but thoroughly enjoyed herself. This girl needs some rain boots. When Cannon was this age he never took his green alligator boots off.

After a week of being in the house with everyone I began to wonder, as I do every year when the rain begins, what do we do all winter? This year with bigger kid bodies, our house seems smaller than last. I went to a friend's home yesterday for the first time. She had a costume to pass down to Sommer. They have a climbing pole and swinging bar in the playroom entry, curtains hanging in the kitchen entry with holes in them for arrow targets, art table in the living room and a rec room downstairs full of nothing but running space. I'd say she's equipped for winter at home.


Kathy said...

Wow! That's quite a winter time play setup! Sounds like I need to start prepping...

What is it with kids and wanting to play freeze out? My boys spent all morning yesterday in the creek (actually IN the creek)...totally frozen, and TOTALLY happy about it. :)

Such cute pictures of Sommer! She's looking so grown up and adorable.

Shannon said...

I hope you are all better now... love the picture of Sommer's sweet little toes! Your friend's home sounds very impressive. Rainy days when my kids were little meant play dough, legos and - if I am honest - too many Disney movies!