Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Everyone ate dinner...

...because we had Lucky Soup (aka cream of zucchini) and Chocolate Muffins. (No pictures, I'm not that kind of cook.)

Laine was on the computer in the afternoon, at NickJr, and the Holly Hobbie game she played ended with some printable recipes. She asked if we could print one and make it so we clicked through and found Chocolate Muffins. When she heard the word "muffin" she almost backed out but I explained that these were practically cupcakes so she decided to try. We made a batch and used the mini-muffin tin for baking. They are really more for dessert, but hey, if it helps Laine eat another bread product then I'm all for it.

I made Lucky Soup for the first time for our family a few weeks ago. I refused to tell the boys what was really in it because I knew that they'd be more reluctant to try if I told them zucchini. Green soup is made with luck, that all we would tell them. Last night Sommer pushed her bowl away, but then let me feed her when she saw everyone else eating happily. Cannon even had seconds. How could he not? Such a yummy recipe, even though I didn't have cream.

As Ridge was getting out of the car this morning I said my usual, "have a great day!" to which he replied, "it should be or that Lucky soup doesn't work."


Torrie said...

Love that!
maybe i should get the recipe from you. Tater tot casserole seems to be the only thing all 5 of my kids {and husband} like. Thank goodness theres one thing!
lucky you {and your lucky soup!}

Kim said...

Love it. I need to try it. It's impossible to get my kids to eat dinner. :( Oh well, I guess it's better than them eating way too much! It's nice to hear from you. Your family is so cute and growing up fast!

Shannon said...

Will you post the recipe? We love soup at our house, and it would be a fun change from green eggs and ham or green french toast for St. Pat's!
(And Ridge's comment has me laughing out loud!)

Kathy said...

Sounds yummy...I'd love to get the recipe from you and try it out.

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

I need the recipe for my husband. (haha) Half the trick to trying new recipes is "How will I get Mike to like it too?" I swear I've broadened his eating palette 100% since we've married.
My e-mail: kelseykhartley@gmail.com
I love that Ridge thought of it as a brew like one might get from Harry Potter.