Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Tunnel closed, stump lake instead

We ended up here on Labor day. It wasn't our original destination but we still had fun.
The Russian princess was feeling tired and upset when we couldn't go on our originally planned hike. She is usually our child with the best endurance.
Cannon's saying "who did that?" and Ridge is laughing because Eric launched a huge rock into the water right in front of them. Cannon caught more of the splash.
Sommer trying hard to keep her balance on the rocks and through the slippery mud.
Eric looking smug. This is just after he threw that big rock. Yes, it was as cold as it looked.
Labor day started with a big breakfast. Eric couldn't sleep so he went to Safeway and bought all the goods for a man-food breakfast and then got cooking. I got to sleep in and take a leisurely shower. He made so much food, enough for Chad and Angie to enjoy too.
Sommer and Laine woke up last. Sommer decided that the best spot to read was right in front of the entry to the kitchen. Those are Laine's dancing toes. She was excited about our hiking adventure that we had scheduled for the day, even though it was very rainy. We headed up the mountain to hike the Iron Horse trail. Built in 1913, the 2-mile tunnel was once a railroad passage but has been out of use for a long time and is now part of a mountain bike/hiking trail.
But the tunnel was closed.
Everyone was very disappointed.
We braved the cold weather, the car temp thing said 48, and all the rainy skies, an hour in the car and we find this? (We were all supposed to be looking upset about the sign but I started laughing because I didn't expect Eric to bellow in the background. Sometimes I laugh.)



Tricia said...

That tunnel looks so cool. I'd be disappointed too! Looks cold, but beautiful!

mindy said...

It was interesting to watch the video on this post and then go on to read the post below because I could not have laughed about everybody having muddy shoes and you were happy to allow it because your kids were having fun. You might not have laughed about missing the bus but at least you can chuckle about muddy feet.

Lynne said...

I love this family!!!

Shannon said...

You are amazing. On a cold, rainy day I would have bagged the hike and put on a movie. You are the greatest mom!

Pamela said...

You are a brave, brave woman. I'm with Shannon--I'd have curled up under the blankets on such a rainy day.

Paige said...

That's the thing with kids, they don't let you keep the blankets on.

Thanks for the perspective Mindy.

Team Biddle said...

AHHHHH, man food. :)

kelly said...

that breakfast looked like adventure enough! =)