Thursday, September 17, 2009

The story...

as written by Eric.
So, on Saturday night Ridge was racing around the cul de sac at
grandma Sommer's house on a razor scooter. He hit a sprinkler
head next to the sidewalk and flew over the handle bars landing
on his right arm. He was crying and in a bit of pain
but it didn't seem too terrible. He still had some movement
in his hand and I thought for sure it was just a bad sprain.
We gave him some tylenol and iced it and put him to bed.
On Sunday he seemed a little better and didn't complain
much so I figured he was going to be all right. On Monday we
went to disneyland and had a blast. Ridge seemed ok and
was having a lot of fun but wasn't using
his right arm much. On Tuesday we played and went to a movie
and flew back to Seattle. Ridge complained a little bit,
again not very much. Tuesday he went to school and tried to do
his regular things it was still hurting but he was never
crying or anything. So we finally decided to take him to the
doctor. The doctor examined his arm and said he thought it
was a bad sprain but we better get an xray. The doctor examined
the xray and called me into the room to look it over. He said
he couldn't believe it but Ridge had a broken arm! He had thought
for sure that it was a sprain by the way Ridge was acting and
that he had gone 4 days without much pain. I couldn't believe
it either. I had been taking Ridge all over the
place with a broken arm! What a great dad I am.
I really think he has an unusually high pain tolerance.
Maybe from all the stuff he went through at birth.

Well, he got a nice electric green cast and he said his
arm is feeling better.
That is until the itching starts...

I have to add that Ridge told us that his arm hurt every day. He is left-handed too so he could baby his right arm and function fine. Eric broke his arm twice and couldn't move his hand at all when it happened, different breaks. At Disneyland he rode the autopia car by himself and I was riding behind him with Sommer and my mom and Ridge had a really hard time. I commented that it was hard for me to push the gas the whole time to try to make him feel better but then he said that it killed his arm to drive. Then after school on Tuesday he was in a terrible mood. We were going over his schedule for the afternoon -- soccer and scouts and he needed to practice piano and do homework -- and he complained that he had too much to do and his arm was killing him. So I asked if he wanted to see the Dr. and he said, "Yes!" very emphatically, like finally I was going to take care of him. Good thing I didn't put it off another day. And good thing Eric happened to have a late afternoon meeting close by so he could take him to the doctor. Parent of the year award nomination anyone?


Pamela said...

oooh ouch! And don't beat yourself up over this. It's sooo hard to know when to take them in, when not to take them in. Trust me I know.

In the meantime, way cool cast there! Hope he heals quickly

Adam said...

No way! I can't believe it's broken! Hope he's feeling better. we had a great time with ya'll this weekend. Was the rest of trip was fun!

Kathy said...

Broken arms, black's so fun raising boys, huh? You guys are great parents! :)

Heidi Davies said...

I'm mostly bummed that you were down here, at Disneyland, and I didn't even get to see you. We could have met up for a little bit. But I'm glad to hear that Ridge is doing better.

Tricia said...

Both Ridge and Courtney are left-handed and both have broken their right arms. I think they are definitely meant for each other! :)

Paige said...

Thanks everyone. He seems so much better now, a lot happier.

It was such a whirlwind trip -- need to blog about it when the camera gets mailed to me -- I'm sorry there wasn't time to organize a get together with friends. That's the trouble with living so far away. I did see your parents in Sunday school though!

Heidi Davies said...

I guess that's what I get for moving out of the ward. Sigh. Glad you had fun.

Megan Oliphant said...

What is it about your mom's house and broken arms? The one broken arm I had was rollerskating in the backyard on a Sunday morning before church when I was twelve. (And don't ask me how long ago that was!) Glad he's feeling better!

Lark said...

Oh boy. Who knew? What a tough kid to just deal with it for the whole weekend! I hope he had fun anyway!

Shannon said...

It is always hard to tell how serious things are with kids. When Bronte was in 8th grade, she complained about pain in her foot. She had just finished participating in dance festival for church and volleyball camp, plus it was track season. We had her ice it a couple of times and told her to "stretch more"; when we finally took her to the dr. a week later, we found out she had fractured her foot. And we had her run on it for a week! But she is just fine now. :)

Lynne said...

What a busy household, Paige! Guess that's how memories are made! I think I remember 3 broken arm times with Eric--first grade from a bike fall, ninth grade from a piggy-back ride at mutual, and twelfth grade while snowboarding on Christmas Day. Gotta love those busy boys!

Sally said...

Don't beat yourself up - my good friend in Boise had the same thing happen. Her son broke his shoulder on a slide and they took him to Karate practice and kept telling him to lift his arm up, etc, etc...she beat herself up over that one. Greg also had a broken arm when he was little and his mom missed it. So, it happens :). Ridge is one tough kid! Hope he feels better soon!

Torrie said...

did the same thing with chastin. told him ot go to bed if he was going to about a bad mom, i still feel bad. and he was only 4!
sounds like we all have done it, and our kids are just fine.
he sure picked a cool color for his cast!

kelly said...

ouch! poor ridge!
don't feel bad. everyone has a different pain threshold.