Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happiest Place

We got to go to the happiest place on earth while we were in California. Mom and Lance came with us making the day even happier. Favorite parts of our day:
Ridge and Cannon and Eric loved Indiana Jones.
Cannon and Eric got soaked through on Splash Mountain.
Ridge hated the Autopia cars because it "killed" his arm.
Laine had her first roller coaster rides and loved Matterhorn and Thunder Mountain. But she loved the carousel too. Mom took the girls on Dumbo and they lucked out and got to ride one with a pink hat.
Sommer loved loved loved Small World. She was so delighted and started waving at everything. It was the sweetest thing to watch her joy. Took her on it 3 times.

It was only mildly crowded so we got to go on a lot of rides. Space Mountain and Haunted Mansion were closed. We went on Pirates first since all of us could go on that one. Scarred Sommer for life. We, Sommer and I, go over the Disneyland day in our conversations and the "scary pirates" is always the first thing to come up.

My favorite ride is Thunder Mountain but my favorite part of the day was watching Sommer in Small World.

What do you love about Disneyland?


Kathi said...

So fun Paige! We go every Christmas and after reading your post I am so excited to go. I love the Tiki room the best. Did you know I worked at Disneyland for years to pay for college?

Kathy said...

I'm so jealous, Paige! I miss Disneyland, and am having a hard time convincing Andrew that we need to take a vacation and go "somewhere we've already been so many times".

My favorite things are Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, breakfast at the Carnation Cafe, Dole Whips outside the Tiki Room, and meat kabobs at the Bengal BBQ. Oh! And Astro Blasters! *sigh* Oh, how I miss you Disneyland.

Sounds like other than the broken arm, you guys had a great time. Yea!

Shannon said...

Lucky you to go to Disneyland! My favorites are the "kid" rides: Small World, Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, the Peter Pan ride (I can't remember what it is called) and the carousel. I attribute it to the fact that I never got to go to Disneyland as a child. It makes my kids nuts. :)

Kathi said...

Paige, sorry to post twice but starting Jan 1, 2010 Disney is having a "give a day, get a Disney day" promotion. If you volunteer a day (or a half day) Disney will send you a voucher for a free day in the park. Cool huh. Can be for up to 8 people in a household. Go to Disney.com for more info!
Just think, your whole family could go for free next year! :)

Paige said...

That's a great deal. Thanks Kathi! I didn't know you worked there but you have the personality to keep smiling all through the day, fun.

Disney is pretty smart to keep doing these deals through hard economic times. There were so many people there with those "I'm celebrating..." buttons. It looked like a lot of people were using that free ticket thing.

Lynne said...

I just love that happy family there!

Alexis said...

I love the electric light parade at the end of the day- it was so magical to me as a child. Splash Mountain is a favorite because my dad worked on the project in Disney World.

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