Tuesday, September 01, 2009

End of summer project

The boys decided that the playhouse needed to be painted. It was warm and sunny and we had plenty of leftover paint from different projects over the years so they set to work. The first afternoon they were on their own...
but the second day of painting the girls wanted to help too.
Everyone ruined the clothes that they were wearing. Knowing this would happen I stripped Sommer down to her diaper. This kind of help is precisely the reason why I haven't tackled the many painting projects that need to be done around here. Actually, the project was the boys idea but it started because I decided that the outside picnic table and benches needed to be painted, and then maybe brought inside to use because it would give us extra table space. I never got to my project.
Finished product. It doesn't blend in with the backyard anymore.


Tricia said...

It is so perfectly theirs. I love it!

Shannon said...

You are SUCH a nice mom... what lucky kids!

Faye said...

It's like one of those San Francisco Victorians! Love it!

Kathi said...

Love it! It just sings. So good of you to let them have at it. A memory maker for sure!

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