Monday, September 28, 2009

Brother Returned

Lance is back! We were so happy to be there when he returned, fresh off the plane from Brazil. He is himself, still the youngest child in the family, but he's obviously grown in so many ways. He exudes confidence and is full of happiness. He was these things before but he's more refined now. He is well-spoken, funny and it was a delight to hear his stories and his Portuguese.

Interesting fact about the family: My grandparents had one son and three daughters. Their son served as a missionary for our church. They have 13 grandsons and all of them served as missionaries as did two granddaughters. Lance is the youngest grandson, the last to fulfill a worthy mission of this generation. And the picture above are just a few of the great-grandsons, future missionaries of the next generation.

And another story, we made this big effort to be in California to see Lance return but then got to the airport too late to see him make his way out of the terminal. Oh well. My parents were there at least and the rest of us straggled in a few minutes later only to see that he was already there. His flight was delayed but then a little bit earlier than the delay. But we were there. Originally we were going to travel to California at Christmas but I'm so glad we decided to be there for this special time instead.

Welcome Home Lance! We're so grateful for your good example to our children and for your faithful missionary service.

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Shannon said...

What a joyful time for your family! I'm glad you were able to be there.