Tuesday, September 08, 2009

3 of these kids belong together

3 of these kids are kind of the same.

But Cannon usually does his own thing in the morning, it has become his game.

This was our first day of school. We missed Cannon's bus. We have to drive to our bus stop now, not because it is far away but because there is no longer a bus to take Ridge to school, lack of funding. So we have to drive to the bus stop, wait for Cannon's bus, then drive Ridge to school. When we're all feeling more brave about it, Ridge could actually walk to school. It isn't that far. But for now we're driving. Which made me think, on that first day, that we had a lot more time than we did. We drove down our street and saw other parents walking home, so I announced that I'm a horrible mother, we missed the bus on the first day of school. Cannon was pretty excited to get a ride to school though. Everyone made it on time and it left me wishing that I laughed more. It would have been more pleasant for everyone if I had just laughed that we missed the bus instead of feeling stressed about it. It really wasn't a big deal.

Have you seen that youtube of this laughing bride? This one is from our area and so they've been on our local news lately. She has the craziest laugh. I'm just not a laugh-y person and that isn't an easy thing to change about oneself. Not that I want to adopt this lady's laugh, but at least laugh about the bus? I'm sure all my friends and family would think I was crazy and on the verge of a breakdown if I started laughing all the time. I'd worry about myself too. Anyway. The school year has begun. I need to get that PTA agenda out.


Lark said...

I'm laughing now about your laughing post - especially the way you talked about laughing all the time and that we would probably think you're crazy. That's funny. I love to laugh and need to laugh more too.

Lynne said...

Happy back-to-school Paige! This is a good thing in a lot of ways--bus or no bus!

Shannon said...

Paige, if it makes you feel better, I probably would have been in tears. So by comparison, you are one cool cucumber! ;)

Kathi said...

I remember your laugh. You laugh often, I even hear it on your videos. Its a nice laugh. :)
P.s. you don't want that brides laugh. Its a bit much.

kelly said...

i hear you. sometimes i'm in the moment telling myself to just let it go and smile. so hard.