Tuesday, August 04, 2009


Eric is excited to float the Salmon river again this year with his brothers and his dad. He took the trip once before when he was 15 years old. Please, leave as many funny comments as you like. I suppose, to be fair, I should find a photo of my 15-year-old self for ridicule. Next post.


Kathi said...

Ok. Dumb question...so Eric is going to float down a river with his family? For how long? How big is this river? (once again my LA is showing!)
And Paige, you were lovely at 15. Can't imagine you have a photo worthy of teasing! :)

mindy said...

Wow, look at those limbs!

Sara said...

I can't stop laughing! Look at how funny they look! It's like attack of "Daddy Long Legs". No, seriously, I didn't look too hot at 15, either. Sure love ya, bro.

Platteborze Possy said...

I can't stop laughing either! All I can say is WOW! Do those legs ever end?

Lark said...

He looks really skinny and your 15-year-old self was quite beautiful!

Paige said...

Eric told me that he remembers eating all the time. He would come home and fry up an entire bag of fries in their deep fryer, make a bunch of special sauces, eat it all and then still eat dinner right after. Talk about a growth spurt.

Kathy -- I love that, your LA is showing! Yes, he's floating the Salmon river in rafts with the other Blaser boys. It is hard to get a permit for this trip as they only allow a certain number to float it every year, they've been trying for several years.

Those are nice comments about me at 15. I should post my 13-year-old pics instead. I think my nose was the first thing to grow to adult size on my body, braces and crazy perm.

Lynne said...

It's hard to believe that he lived in my kitchen! 15 year old boys are not easy to keep full--just wait and see!

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