Thursday, August 13, 2009

Catch phrases of the summer

I'm not proud to admit it but my summer catch phrases are
"For cryin' out loud!" and
"This is ridiculous."

As in, "This is ridiculous. You can't even walk in here."
Or, "For cryin' out loud! You shouldn't be stuffing balloons in your shirt! I told you to get your church clothes on!"

And I thought I found one more meal that everyone will eat, or part of a meal anyway: Miso Soup. So easy and yummy. The kids like the tofu because it seems like it is cheese and it is so easy to make. Boil water, add miso paste, tofu and green onions. I made it again last night and as I was ladeling it into bowls Eric said, "None for me." For cryin' out loud, he doesn't really like it.


Torrie said...

you crack me up!!!!
i think i am saying almost the same thing- "this is a mess! there is no reason for this!!!" ahhh soon they will all go to school and i will cry...for a little while.

and don't cha just hate it when the husband is the picky one? don't they know how hard it is to find something that all the kids like in the first place, before they throw in their 2 cents?.....

Kathy said...

Too funny, Paige! And only funny because it so unbelievably true and applicable to so many of us.

Some of my "catch phrases" have recently been repeated by Liam to other people in the form of "What on earth is wrong with you, (so and so)?!" Not my proudest moments.

Lark said...

Hmmm, we must have been raised by the same mother because I say those exact phrases! Love it.

Sally said...

Are those Legos on the floor? Legos are my nemesis. The girls have been so into them this summer, and I don't know if I'm thrilled with their creativity, or irritated by stepping on their menacing edges daily. It used to be Barbie shoes until I banished Barbies and chased all their shoes down with the vacuum on purpose.
As for the picky husband thing, our neighborhood hosted an Iron Chef contest, and Troy just loved the salad that won, so I made it for him this week. It included tomatoes and cucumbers and mint, and all kinds of luscious things--more like a salsa, really. anyway, he takes a big helping, but eats out the cucumbers and piles the tomatoes on the side of his plate! Of course after that, the girls wouldn't try any. And of course at the I.C. contest, he ate all of it and voted for it as the winner. Boo. Who would pick tomatoes out of a salsa?!

Satoko said...

Yey for Miso soup! Seiju and I eat it almost everyday with our meals. (whatever the main dish is...we must have our soup!) Seiju loves Tofu too. You can slice them and pan fry them and cook it like a stake. But Allen doesn't like it either...what it is about a big man and tofu?!

shawnaberger said...

Paige-- Thank you so much for posting what a real life mom goes through on a daily basis. My house looks just the same and I use the same phrases I heard so often growing up "For heaven's sake this place is disgusting!" Mothers unite!

Shannon said...

For cryin' out loud... that is RIDICULOUS! :) It really is very depressing when you think you finally have something that everyone will eat, and then a family member announces that they don't like it after all. In our house, that gets an "aw, for Pete's sake!"