Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Naming the Baby

Today we are eagerly awaiting the news from my brother and his wife that their baby boy, their 4th child, has arrived safely into this world. When I was in CA over the 4th of July we had a baby name discussion. They had yet to decide on something for this child. My brother had recently suggested the name, Ronald Eugene Ocean and they'd call him "Reo" for short. Ronald and Eugene after the grandfathers and Ocean because to make it work they needed an "O" name. Yes, you're supposed to laugh, he's a funny guy.

EDIT**baby boy arrived healthy and strong and they named him Seth. Congratulations Matt and Laura!**

So in honor of this special day I present what our children would have been named if we went with name-door #2 instead.
Number 1 would have been "Sebastian." Eric was really keen on the nickname, Seb. Maybe we'll have a dog named Seb instead.

Number 2 would have been Bion. Family name on my side. Couldn't ever sell it to Eric. (Yes, big kid, little bike.)

Number 3 would have been Brooke. I suppose we could have named her BrookeLaine. (that was for you, Kent.)
And Number 4 would have been named Paulina. I know, it doesn't match the names in either list, I just liked it. And she already has a cousin named Paul.

Do you have any on your name list you didn't get to use?


Heidi Davies said...

I don't think I'll ever be able to convince Ryan to name a girl Lilly.

Alexis said...

Sebastian was our number 2, too! There's a famous runner, Sebastian Coe. Greta Ruth was almost Greta Cate (family last name)- we were discussing it two nights before she was born.

Kathi said...
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Amanda said...

This was a fun post. It's funny to think of the names we didn't give or get. I would've been Beau (yuck!) and Bridey would've been Rocky if we were boys. What were my parents thinking?

Platteborze Possy said...

this was a fun post! If Rachel was a boy she would have been Joey Thomas. And I love the name Samantha with the nickname Sam, but Brett won't go for it! I love your names, I wish I had cool names on my list. :):):)

Satoko said...

I really liked Sebastian for Seiju too!! Allen wanted Abraham... Names are so fun.

Paige said...

Those are fun comments! I think if I were having children now I'd be totally into the names from a few generations ago, like the trend now. Ruby, Edith... It is fun to think of names.

Shannon said...

Oh, fun! Bronte Pearl would have been Paul Kurt if she were a boy. Lucky us, we got to use that one next! Paul would have been Anja Lucy (funny - Kurt's sister used the name for her youngest daughter, but spelled it Anya - I don't know if she remembers we liked the same name!) Joseph Leigh would have been Cassandra Lucy (instead of Anja because my step-mom, Cassie, passed away while I was pregnant with him.)

Sally said...

Let's see...Liesel twice, Henry or David for Jack, and Avery for Mares (or Aidan if she'd been a boy.)

Kathy said...

Liam might have been Will or Anders, and Caleb would have been Oliver (except I thought that might be a little silly since that was Liam's middle name already). And, of course, the entire list of girls names that I will probably never get to use. :)

kelly said...

kenzie would have been spencer.
cami would have been jackson.
and grady would have been grace.
great post!

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

I had my heart set on Giselle (like the ballet) years before Disney's Enchanted and Victoria Secret's Brazilian model. Could not get Mike to agree. And my other choice was Anne. Mike said it was the most boring name on the planet...he didn't read L.M. Montgomery's series like I did.
It took us forever to agree on Sadie. So I can only wonder at what the next child's name will be. I'm campaigning for Griffin if #2 is a a boy.

Lark said...

Afton was always going to be Afton - there was no back-up!
Paul was going to be Hyrum if I had my way...will still use that if I have another boy though.
Miriam was going to be Miette or Elsie.

Stacie said...

Fun post...Riley would have been Reece or Ridge and Nicholas would have been Cameron...and I'm still waiting to use Brooklyn, if I ever have a girl.

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