Friday, July 17, 2009

Harry Potter 6 is PG?

Not really. Some person must have been bribed to make this the rating. I took the boys to see it last night and Ridge's first comment after I asked, "how'd you like the movie?" was, "It should have been PG-13." Cannon got tired about halfway through and fell asleep, we went to the 7pm show. I was glad he slept through the scariest parts -- that awful lake full of Gollum-looking dead people was the worst. And all the snogging. Cannon thought those parts were gross.

As I remembered the novel I wondered, after I saw the rating, how they turned it into a PG movie. Oh well. I did enjoy it, they did a great job of pulling the best parts of the story into the movie. I loved the acting by Snape, I know he's famous but I don't know his name, and Bellatrix is superb, so evil (isn't that Helena Bonham-Carter?) . The Quidditch scenes were the most convincing of all the films so far. I had fun watching it at least but I'm sorry it was too much for the boys to enjoy completely.

Oh, and a slew of previews. Which again, I enjoyed but the boys sick of them and most of them were not movies for kids to see.

We got there 15 minutes prior to movie starting. A guy in the row behind us sat down with his girlfriend, 10 minutes till the show and the lady down the row said,
My son is sitting there.
Guy: Oh really? I don't see them.
Lady: They're out getting popcorn.
Guy: moves to the next seat over.
Lady: My other son is sitting there.
Guy: I don't see anyone sitting here. (He and his girlfriend sit down.)
Lady: What are you doing? Those seats are taken!
Guy: (silent, ignores lady)
Lady's husband approaches him, guy doesn't move, ignores them both. Lady goes to get theater manager. The sons come back and fill in the row, leaving the lady and her husband waiting. Theater manager comes over and tells him he needs to move and that if he isn't happy with the seats that are left in the theater then he can get a ticket for a different showing of the movie. Guy and girlfriend finally get up, the only seats left are in the first two rows. They try this out and then leave the theater. Scary that people can be so rude and unkind.

Which reminds me, we sat about 5 rows back, not the best spot but getting there that close to showtime I wasn't really expecting better. We sat down and then Ridge said he didn't want to sit that close. I turned around to look at the stadium seating and it looked like there were a few random seats so I motioned and pointed in the direction of the empty seats. The funny/annoying part was going up to those seats and then finding that they were reserved but of course the people ignored me as I approached their rows, even though they could see me coming from down below, probably saw me motion and knew I was on my way but no one said, "oh, these are taken" or even aknowledged me, they just pretended I wasn't there and guarded their seats like I was a maniac seat stealer. I guess there is a reason for this since the Guy proved that they do exisit. Row 5 turned out to be fine afterall.


Shannon said...

Loved HP 6 - I thought Ron's facial expressions were hysterical. I agree that the Inferi were more pg13 (nightmarish!)
Sorry to hear your theater experience was less than great; seeing people who are rude and mean always leaves a bad feeling, even if you are not the direct target.

Kelsey K. Hartley said...

I too loved Ron's love potion sequence, the quidditch scenes and Jim Broadbent's take on professor Slughorn. I'm surprised that it was PG. I didn't pay attention to the rating. I assumed it was PG-13 until you brought it up.
I kind of want to see the movie again. I'm so entertained by Harry Potter.