Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Cannon's adventure

Cannon and I took a special trip together to Utah. It was his turn to go alone with just mom or dad. He took this picture of Mt. Rainier as we flew by. He was easy to be with on the plane.
We hit some bad turbulence coming in to Salt Lake City, so bad that my motion sickness caught up with me and I vomited (all in the little white bag, thankfully). Cannon patted my back though I'm sure he was shocked. I did warn him that I thought I was going to throw up. Then when I was all done he announced that "it stinks." Such a gross feeling to hold a warm bag of throw up in your lap. (pre-vomit picture)
And onto better things. We went to the children's parade in Provo. 20 minutes long, starts and ends with HS bands with a bunch of kids dressed up for the 4th riding bikes, scooters etc, and throwing candy. Cannon scored a lot of treats and the kids next to him kept giving him the kinds of candy they didn't like. I know it was delightful for him to be the only child for a while.
We went to Thanksgiving Point Museum of Ancient Life on another day. He got to direct us through the museum, taking extra time where he wanted, skipping the things he didn't want to see. So much easier than waiting for brothers and sisters!
And maybe the happiest part of his trip was taking care of Blaze, Grandpa Blaser's dog. We took him on walks, Cannon took him on walks by himself, fed him treats, played in the yard with him, constantly called him and sat by him when we were in the house.

Cannon is such a sweet child, delightful company. It was fun to have time with just him.


Sally said...

How fun to get Mom all to yourself! It sounds like you had a great time except for the plane ride. That happened to me once on a plane. I had food poisoning and it was terrible. I'm glad you survived and at least Cannon understood!

Shannon said...

What a neat thing to do with your kids - gold star one-on-one time! We were in Provo on the 4th, too, picking up B and P from EFY. (p.s. I am glad that, post-vomit, your trip was fun!)

kelly said...

he is a sweet boy!
glad you got some alone time.
and love that pic of you two on the plane!