Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cabin Week Pictures

Overnight backpacking trip planned by Grandpa for the cousins and their dads. This is Cannon clowning around with cousin Anna.
Lots of motorcycle riding.
Dancing on the deck in the sunshine.
Reading with Lila, Chloe and Grandma on the porch swing.
Laine was charmed by Aunt Sara. Family resemblance, no?
Freezing dips in Waipiti creek.
Ridge and cousin Grace racing out of the creek after daring to dunk.
Playing by the pond.
Sommer's favorite spot, the tire swing.
It was a fun week! Everyone loves the cabin.


Shannon said...

Looks like you had a perfect "summer" week... delightful.

Kathi said...

Oh, how wonderful is that! Looks great fun for all!

Pamela said...

It looked like wonderful fun! Great pictures!

Alexis said...

What great family traditions, cousin friendships, and memories are being created at the family cabin! Thanks for sharing.

Kristine said...

Summer is the BEST! looks like a blast.

you're kids are Cute Cute!

Kathi said...

Paige, was your family in Claremont for the 4th? ACK...I would have loved seeing you!

kelly said...

what a fun week for the kiddos, acting like wood-nymphs!