Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Cannon's Caterpillars

Cannon has been keeping two caterpillars as pets for the past week and a half. He was so excited to see them turn into butterflies or moths. He and Eric found a website that helped you identify which kind of creature it was going to turn into. They thought moth of some sort. But a mason jar filled with leaves and dirt isn't the best habitat for these fuzzy creatures. Every day they looked more shrunken. I talked with Cannon a few times about the caterpillars lives being at stake and suggested that he let them go so they could live. I'm not sure why I cared so much. So today, since they have been neglected for the past couple of days, I took the jar outside and let them go free -- without telling Cannon. He didn't notice until tonight. He came downstairs after being tucked in and asked if we knew where his caterpillars were. I said, "I'm sorry, they're gone." He turned and ran back up the stairs, crying his eyes out. Eric went up and talked to him first.

"I just wanted to say goodbye to them. I love them. My heart is broken."
Oh dear. So then I went up and apologized for letting them go without telling him and talked about why I did it and told him how happily they crawled around in the dirt once they were free. This helped only a little. Good thing I'm not letting him get a dog until he is 8.

ps -- Cannon had a homework assignment for the month of May to write and illustrate a story. He would not do it for most of the month, even though I reminded him almost daily, until he found something inspiring to write about -- the first caterpillar. And now it is one of the long words that he can spell.


kentandnellie said...

Ahh...poor little Cannon. He will be fine though. There are millions of caterpillars out there. I went through a caterpillar phase when I was a kid too. I actually found a fat, green one on our grapevines and amazingly, it turned into a moth in a jar. My mom was shocked. We had to let it go after that. I guess you always have to let them go at some point, be it caterpillar, butterfly or moth.

Shannon said...

you are such a nice mom... I've always had a "no bugs in the house" policy, even if they are fuzzy and slow moving. Has he been to the butterfly room at Pacific Science Center?

Torrie said...

That is so sweet.
Chastin is alergic to caterpillars-strange huh?

Paige said...

We have been to the butterfly room but it was before he had this fascination. We'll have to go again soon, or to the zoo. Do they still have the butterfly place at the zoo?

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