Friday, June 05, 2009

16 days of sunshine

Last night the weatherman said, "I hope you've enjoyed the heat because it ends tomorrow. Eight days in a row with temperatures in the 80s is unheard of around here, even in the dead of summer." We've had 16 days of sunshine in a row and it has been glorious. Our house is very illequiped for the heat but I don't feel like complaining, I just feel lucky.

Laine was given some old rollerskates. She's had a blast using them and wears them as much as possible. Cannon has tried more than once to squeeze his feet in them and has now added skates to his birthday list. I'm going to thrift for some, hopefully we'll get lucky and find something his size. Watching her has reminded me of gliding on the shoe skates I had when I was a young girl. I had forgotten how joyful it is to rollerskate.
Sommer likes to make her own chocolate milk. On this particular sunny day last week, I poured her milk, put the jug away and then I started puttering around with the dishes and forgot that I left the wee one at her project. She was only 5 feet away from me but completely out of mind, after a few minutes of dishes she reminded me that she was there by saying, "yummy!" I hope she didn't eat as much powdered chocolate as she put in her cup, but it is possible since she threwup in the middle of the night and woke in the morning without any symptoms at all.


Megan Oliphant said...

So been there, done that. So much fun, isn't it?

Alexis said...

I thought of you during this long sunny spell- I just knew you were loving it, every minute!

Shannon said...

Like you, I love sunny weather... even when the house gets hot! Chocolate milk and roller skates are perfect ways to enjoy the early summer.

Sally said...

Oh I'm so happy to hear there is actually SUN! We sold the house (again), so we should be up there by August.

We'll really need to get Somner and Katie together. Katie can say about 8 words, like Mama, Dada, Baba, Wawa...oh yea, and CHOCoLATE. We just got back from Choolate World in Hershey, PA, so watch for that video. Somner and her are kindred spirits. said...

ahhh..that sunny weather was FAAAABULOUS!! Its sunny on and off today and Im still happy about any little bit..
That pic of Sommer is so great, I love it!