Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pretty Kitty

Camera is focusing on the things in the background, still working that out. Sommer's hair was looking so lovely, like a little girl's hair instead of just baby wisps. And she was so happy, sitting at my feet while I was making dinner.
Today I got teary as we were standing together, Sommer and I. We were watching swimming lessons and she had her little arm wrapped around my knee, and my arm is just long enough that my fingers can comb through the back of her hair. Such a sweet little thing, one of those precious moments in babyhood that I'll have to remember.


kelly said...

you're making me teary too.
i do that all the time.
just smell grady's hair or squeeze him tight when he's on my lap.
something about that last one.

Tricia said...

Those little moments are perfectly joyful. They make being a mom so worth it.

Sommer is too adorable. I can't believe how much she looks like Cannon in these pictures.

Kathi said...

Your little one is just a doll! Hold onto those memories Paige...before you know it she will be singing Jonas Brothers in the back of the car!

Shannon said...

She is precious.

Amy (Church) Thulin said...

I love that you called her Sommer. All of your family are adorable. We really should try and get together sometime.

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