Thursday, May 21, 2009

Maybe the pta did it...

Right after Sommer was born I was asked to help out with the PTA at Ridge's school. I had volunteered for something and been to one meeting. The asker said they needed help with fundraising or membership. I asked her which one would be a better fit for a person who would have a 1-month old baby right when school started. She said fundraising. And I said yes. I did have help. I conned my friend Torrie to do it with me and there was another lady that had a part in it as well during our first year.

I am not good at fundraising. Our pta needed a warm body and I was a willing helper. So this year we headed up the 3rd annual silent auction at the sock hop. Our school community does not have a lot of money in the first place but combine that with the present economic state and that equals a lackluster silent auction, in all aspects. But, phew, now it is over. It has been over for a few weeks now and I'm so glad I don't have to think about it anymore, about being a fundraising vp anymore. This event happened right after the relay race I ran (that I still want to blog about).

And also this was going on around the time of signing up for Twitter. I heard Oprah say today that "this is almost as much fun as Twitter!" So you shouldn't take my word on the phenomenon. Some people are good at it and I imagine that some people are fun to follow. Especially if that celebrity you wouldn't leave your husband for but it would cross your mind if he showed up on your doorstep, happens to be a Twitterer as well (I haven't checked to see if mine is). And if you have a cool phone that has a lot of apps, like a friend of mine, then Twitter could be really fun. A mini-blog. I have enough trouble drafting blog posts in my head while doing the dishes or folding laundry that if I started to Twitter I'd probably go mad with the one liners stuck in my head all the time. Not that they'd be witty, just that length.

Also, did you hear that the real reason Jennifer Aniston and who was that guy, John Mayer(?) broke up was because he said he was busy composing new songs but really he was Twittering all the time to his fans. Now that may or may not be true because I heard it on Wait, wait don't tell me, but I can see how it could cause something like a major breakup. Especially if you are prone to big-headedness, literally and figuratively, as was that musician. Does Twitter make our regular lives seem more exciting? Maybe so.

All this is to say that you might like it. I'll have to catch the next craze.

5 comments: said...

so many fun've left me all in a tizzy. Im not a twittery girl myself..I agree, its hard enough to keep up with the online world I already have...let alone the real-live world Im so behind on! It has taken on a "Simms City" kind of feel to it for me. If I don't comment here, make a note here, play this game with that person..they all die off (kind of like your Simm's dude if you don't feed him or give him a job)
Its too much! :) I miss you Paige, glad you blog when you can.

kelly said...

you are such a clever writer!
and paige, i'm going to tell you again.
just say no.
love ya!

Shannon said...

I subbed for seminary the other day, and the teacher had a quote taped to the board that listed how different our lives would be if we treated our scriptures like our cell phones. If we never left the house without them, stopped whatever we were in the middle of when they called, invested lots of time planning the next set we wanted to buy...
imagine what the world would be like if people were as interested in what the Spirit was trying to tell them as they are in their latest tweet!
You are awesome, Paige. And I love your new header at the top of your blog. :)

Torrie said...

thanks for taking me down with you!
just kidding
it's been awesome getting to know you better through working on all our 'fun' fundraisers:)
just stick to what you like doing-
like i really know anything about that!
but that's what i'm told.

Paige said...

That's a good thought, Shannon. Thanks for sharing it.