Monday, May 25, 2009

Holiday? Build a tree house!

Eric spent 12 hours today building a tree house. It was decided a couple of months ago that rather than camping or an outing, the agenda for the weekend would be building a tree house. On Saturday he and Chad put up the supporting beams and today Ridge and Cannon were his main helpers. Ridge was out with Eric for most of the day.
We ate dinner together in the new addition. The girls were so excited to finally be able to join in the fun. There were still a few hours of construction left at this point but it was safe enough for the sisters.
At this point the only entrance to the tree house is through Cannon's window. The ladder will come later. We're not sure what this does to the monetary value of our house but it will add a lot of fun for the summer. This is the view from the tree house looking in the window.
And here is the view looking out the window. There is a ramp and rails right when you step out of the window. Don't you love Laine's pose? And this is at the end of the day, so Eric is exhausted at this point. What a great dad.
Ridge made this sign. I'm sure he'll always be proud of his first major construction project.

And a little video that was captured in the morning, starring Cannon.



mindy said...

Super cool!!!
What a great dad Eric is. I hope he was able to get a good nights sleep after that. And why bother with a ladder. That ramp is so Swiss Family Robinson.
Lucky kids!

Platteborze Possy said...

That is sooo cool!!! Eric is such an awesome dad. They will have so many fun adventures this summer...we'll have to come check it out sometime:):):)

Torrie said...

that looks so cool.
like we told you yesterday, we would have to grow some trees to have a cool tree house like that. and what a cool mom to do dinner out there! sounds like both our husbands had weekends full of construction!
can't wait to walk over and see it!

Jane said...

That is a DREAM!!! They will love the memory of building that and more memories and adventures to come. I drew so many tree house blueprints growing up...wishing for one in our yard. That's awesome!

Shannon said...

What a cool project for the "Blaiser Boys"! And I love that the entrance is right out the window... it makes me think of Peter Pan.

Kathi said...

How neat is that Paige! I just adore it! You know, it will live in the memories of your children forever...much better than any thing you could purchase in a store! The next road trip to Seattle, we just might call to see if we can drop by and climb up!

Lark said...

Looks really great. I love the entrance through Cannon's window and your funny comment about adding to the monetary value of the house!

Lynne said...

This must be every little boy's dream come true--including Eric's! And the memories are priceless! Good for you Eric!
But the first thing that came to my mind was..."they're gone now, mom and dad"...! Enjoy it now and don't worry about the monetary value!
Love you all!

Janetta said...

Love the tree house, but I love Ridge's sign even more! What a great accomplishment for the Blaser Boys.

kelly said...

again, you are the coolest parents!!
that treehouse rocks!
and it's like 20 feet off the ground!
scared me to death being up there. =) said...

I think you should re-post this on Fathers Day..Eric is a wonderful Dad..really and truly.
I love the tree house!!