Thursday, April 16, 2009

when is my birthday?

Since early March Cannon has been anxiously counting down the days until his birthday -- in June. Everyday he changes his mind about what he hopes to receive. It is always something from the Lego catalog. Today at breakfast (a nutritious GoGurt) he decided that he wants these two Star Wars themed Lego sets.
Yesterday it was the pirate ship for half the day and then back to Star Wars. When this began he was set, for a few days, on the cargo ship. We have not made an official countdown calendar, but it might be time now that we're only about 2 months away from the happy date which is also the last day of school. I think this all began when he went to his friend's birthday party in February and he realized that he too would be turning 6 this year. He has also made several different plans for the party theme and the activities that we will be doing. Such high hopes and dreams for the perfect day.


Sally said...

It must be something about six years old. Ethan is doing the same thing. We are a month out (May 17) and he is already geared up for it. He ordered a Lego magazine and is waiting to make his "wish list" too. He wants the pirate ship one, too.

Satoko said...

That's so exciting!! 6 years old... that is a complete unknown territory for me, but I remember that I was excited to get A PERFECT present for my birthday.

kentandnellie said...
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Shannon said...

I still make wish lists... I just use Amazon instead of a toy catalog!

Kathi said...

Same goes for girls! Sydney will be 9 in June too and she has been making up her mind about her shin-dig since our caroling party in December! Such the hostess/entertainer!
Can't wait to find out what Cannon gets!

Amy (Church) Thulin said...

I love this. My 4yr old has a b-day in Aug and he has cut out pics from magizines and glued them into a wish book for me. I think he has the right idea. lol

Nick, Chris, Livvy & Calli said...

My kids haven't quite gotten to the wish list just yet for their birthdays. It's cute to see their eyes get bigger at all the new things. Hope things are well.

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