Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Happy Easter!

Since St. Patrick's Day, Laine has been busy making Easter decorations for our home. She wanted to make green holiday decorations for us but since it was on St. Patrick's day that she wanted to do this I directed her into making Easter ones instead. This project has kept her busy off and on through the past 2 weeks. The above photo represents about a quarter of the work she has done; all walls of our dining room are now adorned with snippets of colorful paper. I did help her make glitterey eggs one afternoon and paper chains on another, but she likes her own way best. Our walls need new paint and a little girl needs to be busy so I'm happy to have my walls spattered like this for a few more weeks.


Satoko said...

Those are the best kind of holiday decorations. I should do that.

Shannon said...

very cheerful and creative! and another testimony of what a nice mom you are.