Thursday, April 16, 2009

the eggs

This year I made egg dye. It didn't dye the eggs as brightly as the store bought boxes. I'll have to experiment again with it next year. The colors looked pretty in the water but they didn't transfer as strongly, quickly as the tablets. The kids enjoyed the process and they didn't remember to miss the other color options.
Ridge, intent on making this egg turn as green as possible on one side.
Cannon drawing a mysterious eye before the dye process.
Laine loved making her pink and purple eggs.
Sommer insisted on stirring as many eggs as possible in her bowl. She was delighted with this activity. She also banged a few eggs on the table, trying to crack them like when we make cookies. Just one of the gang.

I forgot to include these eggs in the actual easter egg hunt, but they were not missed at all. Our hunt took about 5 minutes and it was indoors. The boys searched the living room and the girls had hidden treasures in their own room. And that was that.


Satoko said...

We did egg dying too, but It was so frustrating since I was so afraid of getting out of control with the MESS... I wish I could just enjoyed it.

Paige said...

That's why I put down so many towels on the table. Our house has seen so many messes that I'm kind of immune to them now -- and nothing is new anymore so there really isn't anything to ruin.

Torrie said...

at our house each kid is given one color of egg to find, so we hide al's really hard with money in them, down to shilos easy with candy. and as for coloring eggs- i haven't done that in years- i leave that up to grandma! { at her house!}

Shannon said...

so fun - my kids still love to dye eggs. I am curious about how you made the dye? did you use vegetable juice? for the most amazing eggs ever, check out this site: I am totally going to try it next year! :)

Kathi said...

Paige! What a mom! I flaked and just used tissue and glue and did a paper mache' thing! I think I will try your dye tricks next year!

Alexis said...

Try vinegar to get the color to transfer brighter next time. My 2 cents, from your theoretical egg-dyeing chemist friend. (I haven't tried it myself.)