Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

I told Laine she needed a nap. She protested and threw a fit. I gave up and ignored her. She fell asleep on the couch. She was so much happier when she woke up.

Every Sunday after church we have mandatory rest time/quiet time. The boys hate to take naps and generally don't need them. We have the luck to always have church at 9:30am so we get home around 12:45, eat lunch, get Sommer down for her nap and then the quiet begins. Laine and I head to my bed where she colors and I read for a bit and then we both sleep. I love my Sunday nap.


Satoko said...

Ahhh...Sunday afternoon after church... sleepy and peaceful.
Why do we ALWAYS get sleepy after church?! It's a mystery to me.

Tricia said...

Even though I have afternoon church right now, I still sleep for a little bit after dinner. I NEED my Sunday nap.

That's an adorable picture.

kelly said...

love that too!
and lainie looks so sweet here.
and a lot like cannon here.