Friday, March 20, 2009

Last Weekend

Here is a recap of what I did last weekend. It was way too much fun! I didn't bring my camera and that actually made it even more relaxing.

This weekend? Ridge has to get new shoes tonight. Yesterday he tripped at school and the bottom of one of his shoes ripped halfway off so he had a soaking wet foot all day. Today he is wearing his snow boots. Tomorrow morning I'm going to the church cannery to replenish our food storage supply that has run low. Eric and I are going on a date Saturday night.

And I'm debating weather or not to go to Boarders for the midnight release party tonight for the Twlight DVD. (How old am I again?)


Shannon said...

I really enjoyed spending last weekend with you and the other ladies.
It sounds like you have a full weekend planned; I am going to Walmart to buy Twilight during the daylight hours. :)

Paige said...

I went to Borders at 11pm but they had already handed out the all of their tickets that guaranteed a dvd. Then I remembered that WalMart was selling them at midnight as well so we drove up there and got in line! How silly is that? I took Angie with me. We watched our favorite parts that night. Really, how old am I?

Portraits by Rebecca said...

FUN! We have some friends who went to go see Wicked too- what a great soundtrack, the play must be awesome. The girl time is really priceless tho. I got to do the Seattle Time Out recently and that was so worth its weight in gold ;)
I love the shoe story!! Did you end up going to the Twilight party?

kelly said...