Monday, March 09, 2009

Advice from mom

"Don't stifle a good impulse." quoth my mother often to me whilst I was a growing lass.

And that's the quote I based my remarks on yesterday in church. The actual topic was "seeking inspiration from the scriptures" but that quote from my mom has been going through my head a lot over these past few months so it was my jumping off point.

It really is great advice.

I should exercise.
I should write that friend a note.
I should find so-and-so on facebook.
I should buy flowers for my sister-in-law who just quit her job.
I should make cookies with my kids.
I should share some cookies with my neighbors.
I should clean the bathroom, later.
I should replant those bulbs in the backyard.
I should invite that couple over for dinner.
I should go to bed earlier.

And maybe not all good impulses are divine inspiration, but doing good makes everyone feel a little better, right? And I'll admit, most of my good impulses seem to be stifled by the life I lead, by the kids I parent, but if I just do one of those good impulses, even just one a week, it makes me feel better about life in general and that must ricochet out into the universe so someone else is feeling better too. Right?

Now the challenge is to just let it go if I never get to those good impulses and not think that they are paving stones for my road to he-double-hockey-sticks. (Another quote that goes through my head, but not because my mom said it to me.)

Thanks for the words of wisdom, Mom.


Melain said...

My impulse right now is to get off the computer and get on my treadmill. Maybe you just inspired me to follow through. Or maybe I'll sit here and read for another hour...

mindy said...

Thank you for acting on the inspiration to call me last week. It was great to hear from you although it made me miss you and wish we could go for a run together. It also helped me to have a better day.
Thanks for following the prompting.

kelly said...

an inspiration post and talk.
my impulse is to like you! =)

Team Biddle said...

That is great advice. I think I'll try some of those today!

Torrie said...

you're so good at following what you feel. i think you have done so many of those things for me- like brought me dinner {more than once} and helped me with my kids {also more than once} and inspired me to make cookies with my kids, and motivated me to move my tredmill to a more useful place, because afterall you did start running shortly after having sommer, so maybe i can too. i'm sorry i missed your talk- i know it was a good one, because it came from you and from words of wisdom from your cool mom.