Thursday, March 05, 2009

6th photo tag

I was supposed to post the 6th picture from the 6th folder in my pictures but I posted the 13th photo instead because it shows just how much we've changed in 3 years (the 6th picture was just Laine). This was April of 2006, when we stayed in California for a while after my grandmother's funeral. Ridge was a kindergartner, Cannon wasn't even potty trained yet and look at that little Lainey! Makes me get teary to look at them. Sommer has already grown out of the clothes that Laine was wearing here. That's my beautiful sister, Lark and her Afton. I think Lark might be 6 months pregnant in this picture, not that she looks pregnant at all but I think she was.
that was fun for me -- thanks for the tag Kelly.

and to tag 6 more people -- Lark, Rebecca, Megan (my cousin who just might read this post and whose blog I've been meaning to add to my blogroll for months and months now), Tricia (because she has flashback friday tomorrow anyway), Mindy (because she needs to update), and Whitley (who goes by Smittyisms).

I was in bed last night and realized I was pregnant at my grandma's funeral so this was the year before she died because I'm not pregnant here. Cannon gets embarrassed at pictures of himself at this age, when he had long hair, even though we think he is so darling.


kelly said...

look how little everyone is!
so cute!
these pics are making me so nostalgic.

Lark said...

We're cute :)