Monday, February 16, 2009


Laine and I decorated our chandelier for Valentine's Day. We had a chocolate fondue party with our friends. It turned out so pretty, I'm not sure why I haven't thought to decorate for Valentines before this year, the shades are already so festive.
"Cheese!" That's what she was saying. Who loves chocolate?
And here is one of my precious little valentines. I just love this baby girl. Even though she has decided that going to nursery is not such a good idea. She's officially 18 months which means that she can spend the last part of church in the nursery playing with toys, have singing time, hear a short lesson, eat a snack, and playing with more toys. I thought she'd enjoy it but last week, after 20 minutes, she had had enough and was brought to me just sobbing. She was so traumatized that yesterday when I asked her if she was ready to go play with the toys she said "No!" with an emphatic shake of the head. I accompanied her but she worried every time she looked up to find me and didn't see me right away. I actually think that after she gets to know the nursery leaders that she'll go happily.


Portraits by Rebecca said...

I do too- she'll probably laugh to hear that story some day! I love the chandelier- its gorgeous! I bet the party was so fun!

Alexis said...

Happy Valentine's Day! I like the decorations. (And I spy a red kitchen aid in your red kitchen- much like mine!)

Someone just told me that I needed to get the twins in playgroups so that they would be socially adjusted for nursery. Really? If Sommer (with 3 socially interactive siblings) has trouble, I doubt a playgroup is the fool-proof magic bullet.