Wednesday, February 25, 2009

To kill a crib....

you need 4 Blaser children. Our poor crib is officially out of business. The catch at the bottom broke and Sommer rolled out onto the floor one night. I'm glad that she made it to the floor and didn't get stuck, that would have been awful. So now she is a "big girl" and sleeping in the bottom bunk, under no one because Laine is still sleeping in Cannon's room while all her things live in the room downstairs.

Eric actually built the bottom bunk a few weekends before the crib's demise. I told him that I wanted shelves in the girls' closet and somehow that got translated into 'build the bottom bunk,' his reasoning being that it would be a lot easier to build shelves in the closet if the crib were out of the way. The closet is still devoid of shelves but it worked out because most of the toys can live in a row under the bed.

Sommer is slowly adjusting to life in the big bed. She seems to have stopped rolling off the bed, going thump in the night, but she still wakes up 1-2 times a night and if I let her cry for too long she ends up off of the bed and sleepily wanders and cries. Last week I got her a bottle and then when I went in her room to give it to her she was crying and standing in front of her night light so she didn't see or hear me come in. I tried to use a consoling voice but I still scared her to death, she was so startled and then cried harder. She is becoming more independent every day. Her latest thing is refusing to sit in her booster high chair. The other day I buckeled her in and she was so mad at me. I went to the kitchen for more food prep, her food was in front of her, but she cried so much and leaned so far over that she made the chair fall over and she landed on her head. Sometimes it is tough to be 18 months.


Lark said...

I love your descriptions of Sommer rolling out of bed and then when you scared her - too funny.
She looks so sweet in her bunk bed!

Amy (Church) Thulin said...

This is so funny. My 2 yr old is much like your Sommer. She wants to be a big kid and yet still can't seem to understand that putting your hand down the back of your poopy diaper may not be a good idea.

kelly said...

poor thing!
i have a side bed rail if you're interested?
she looks so little in that bed.

Matt said...

We used to put a chair right next to Katelyn to stop her from rolling off the bed.